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MarvelClient Upgrade is more global than ever and easier for you to use!

You’ve reached out to us in the past to say how important it is to have our products in your language.

Working together with many of our partners, we’re proud to announce the MC Upgrade progress visualization is now available in English, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Italian!

But that’s just the start. We want to do more, and with your help we will do more.

The rules are simple. So, there’s no reason to hesitate. Find out how here!

What’s it all about? If we’re missing a language that you want to see, just do a quick translation and submit it to us along with your permission for distribution. In return, we will integrate your translation and you will be featured on our MarvelClient Knowledge page for eternal fame.

Doesn’t that sound great? Get started today!

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