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Identifying application owners
in Notes/Domino has never been easier

The power of knowing your stakeholders

Controlling the chaos

If you are responsible for deciding the future of your Notes/Domino applications, you know that you rarely have all the pieces of information you would ideally be looking for to make the best decisions.

Your Notes environment might have grown over years or even decades. It’s virtually impossible to keep track of all the applications, wo originally commissioned them and who uses them these days. Organizational structures and processes change. What was important 10 years ago, isn’t relevant anymore. The original application users have moved on.

What so many project managers in this situation are looking for are application owners. Persons or departments who can help deciding the future of an application. iDNA Applications makes this search so much easier and puts all the information you need at your fingertips.

Simple but powerful answers for you

There are two major reasons why it’s important to identify application owners:

  • Help decide the future of an application
  • Allocate re-development costs to departments or locations

But again, how do you find them? Even if you can find the name of the person or department who originally commissioned the database in some ancient records you don’t have a guarantee that will solve your problem. What if that department doesn’t exist anymore, or the original owner has let the organization? What if business processes have shifted and that department doesn’t use the application anymore, but a different one does?

The answer is simple, but powerful. In order to find the owner, you need to know the application stakeholders! Who are the main users of your application? To which departments do they belong? Where are they located? Who creates content in the database these days? Which departments only read data, but don’t create anything new?

The answers to these questions are far more powerful than knowing the name of a department head or da developer from 10 years ago.

When you know your stakeholders, you’ll also know:

  1. Who will be impacted by changes you make to an application?
  2. To which degree will they be affected?
  3. Who to consult before you start making changes?
  4. Who is receiving the benefit of the work you are doing?

2 Ways (amongst others) to make molehills out of your mountains

iDNA Applications makes it easy to access this information. You can look up top application users by person, department or location using several KPIs (reads, writes, sessions, etc.).

One way of accessing this information is the database details page.

Go to ‘Catalog’ -> ‘Databases’ and open the details page for a database.

Under ‘Usage’ -> ‘Departments’ you will find an overview of departments who use this database instance.

The second way is looking up similar information summed by replica set (across all database instances of a replica set).

This can be more useful in many situations, but provides less detail in some areas.

Under the menu item Usage you will find several items with information on this topic.

It’s possible to look up application activity by user, department or location.

However you want to look at it, you can do it

These are just a few of the ways you can easily find powerful answers to your most difficult questions. Interested in knowing?

Take a look at the Sandbox. You’ll be surprised what you can do.

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