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Driving Teams Adoption with Targeted Campaigns

Teams is the fastest-growing enterprise application that Microsoft has ever deployed. With over 120 million active daily users as of April 2021, it has been declared the new Microsoft center-point for communications and collaboration. However, most new Teams users are only accessing the simple functions available for chat messaging and file sharing. To drive the full adoption of Teams as a collaboration hub for their employees and business partners, organizations are now planning specific change management programs aimed at educating users on the productivity gains available within the product. For organizations that want to be more proactive in driving adoption and help their user community take advantage of some of the more advanced features in Teams, they should focus their efforts on targeted enablement campaigns.


Business Challenge for Monitoring Teams User Activity

A common challenge that we’ve heard from customers around the world is the complexity with identifying the specific users who need additional training or incentives to use the more advanced capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Reports from Microsoft training experts made it clear that broad-based enablement campaigns were not as effective at changing user behavior as targeted programs by department and job role. However, creating those lists of users based on accurate metrics requires some extensive PowerShell scripts and data modelling.

New Approach for Monitoring / Comparing Teams Usage with Other Workloads

OfficeExpert has built-in capabilities to quickly identify specific users who need additional training and incentives to utilize Teams more effectively.  Administrators can use this information to send custom communications to those specific users with links to marketing content explaining the advantages of Teams based on their job role.  These messages can also include links to online training videos that Microsoft provides.

Then, using ongoing monitoring in OfficeExpert, those administrators can perform personalized follow-ups with the users who remain inactive in Teams.  They can send additional targeted e-mails to answer questions and provide incentives to drive adoption. An example collaboration comparison report is show below. It monitors user activity across all M365 workloads and shows the metrics side-by-side to easily identify those employees and departments who are still relying on e-mail as their main communication tool and not Teams.

Collaboration Comparison Reports from OfficeExpert:

Business Value Outcomes from Targeted Adoption Campaigns

OfficeExpert can help organizations easily target groups of Teams users for specific adoption campaigns, and then track the effectiveness of the campaign activities by comparing new activity reports on usage trends.  The OfficeExpert solution has all the built-in functions necessary to truly drive adoption of Teams within your company and help make your change management goals a success.

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