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Empowering Teams Owners with Usage Data Analytics

As the growth in Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed over the past year it is becoming more difficult for IT administrators to maintain control over the sprawl of Teams sites that have been created. An obvious option is to enable the Teams site owners with the information they need to improve the oversight and management for their collaboration repositories. By providing them with the insights they need to maintain control over their Teams community it will help them improve security compliance, and better manage their sites if they become stale and inactive.

Use Case: Empowering Teams Owners With Usage Data Analytics

Business Challenges from Unmanaged Teams Deployments

Microsoft is changing the collaboration landscape through Teams. The centralized communications and information sharing platform has become the hub for knowledge workers to stay productive. However, Teams sprawl, while excellent for organic adoption, can present governance and security challenges for organizations. When Teams is not managed properly it can lead to issues that damage the business value it delivers and leaves the company exposed to risk from data security blind spots. Most times this comes about through mistakes or negligence from internal users.

IT groups have been diligent when protecting our systems from hackers and bad actors on the outside for so long that it’s sometimes hard to understand why tools like Teams make turning the focus inwards equally important. The simple truth is negligent employees or contractors can unintentionally pose an equally high risk of security breaches and data leaks by accident. With that in mind it is extremely important to provide Teams owners with all the detailed usage and content classification information they need to take control over their Teams sites with governance and information security to ensure secure collaboration.

New Approach for Managing Collaboration Productivity

What if there were a simple way to provide detailed usage information to Teams owners so they could have a complete view of everything going on in their Teams sites and monitor which external guests have access? What if Teams owners could see who, when, what, and from where, all the activities were occurring in their sites? Empowering Teams owners with this information will enlist them in applying actionable insights to drive improved management and governance over Teams to keep your environment secure.

A new data analytics solution called OfficeExpert makes this possible by exposing its business intelligence data warehouse through a native Teams application that can be installed within minutes and easily adopted by Teams site owners. With the new Advanced Client Experience (ACE) solution from panagenda, a Teams owner can view everything about the sites they own. This information is indexed centrally and made available through a simple user interface within the ACE application.

Personal Teams Insights – List View Example

Personal Teams Insights – Site Activity Details by Country

Personal Teams Insights – Site Activity Details by Department

Business Value Outcomes

Usage metrics are the key to a successful implementation of any technology. They are the cornerstone of any change management process for digital adoption, and they help maintain oversight for the platform. By delivering data analytics and usage metrics to Teams Owners they become involved in the management and security compliance chain of control for the health of your IT collaboration infrastructure. The added benefit is that this detailed information can help empower Teams Owners to guard against Teams sprawl, the overabundance of Teams sites, that creates confusion and complicates search capabilities.

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