A major challenge for social business projects is the acceptance of the systems.

panagenda provides you with the appropriate solutions for the analysis and optimization of the “Adoption Rate.” You’re given insights into the actual usage and can identify problematic sub-areas and drive them in the right direction.

Our adoption products


Quality usage analysis for IBM Connections

Develop and improve your social adoption strategy and take advantage of the full potential of social business. Increase productivity through intuitive and creative workflows. Accelerated adoption through increased acceptance and an optimal user experience.

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Reports on communication streams and patterns

Recover a mountain of data from the daily use of your infrastructure. The information for adoption evaluation becomes even more valuable when enriching them through organizational (HR), geographic, and business process relevant data (e.g., SAP and host data).

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All applications illustrated: Smart reports on usage

Which social business applications are used rarely, frequently, by nobody, only by few or by many users? Discover this to identify patterns on optimizing the use of your social application landscape.

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