For the second time, Vladislav Tatarincev, Margarita Orlenko and the whole RNUG team did an amazing job bringing together Notes/Domino subject matter experts, HCL execs, and business partners to review the yearly updates and showcase the HCL roadmap for the future. This year, for the first time, RNUG 2020 was completely virtual. However, that did not prevent a record turnout of ~600 participants from 31 countries joining 59 sessions and 59 broadcasting hours from 41 speakers resulting in ~250GB of video recordings.

Immediate Session Translations

RNUG opened on Friday, December 4th, 2020 fully packed with workshops around HCL Monitoring, App Modernization, Notes Client Management & Upgrades and HCL Volt. Is there a better way to end the week and start the conference? 😉

With this great start to the conference, the sessions started, seven of which panagendians had the pleasure of presenting.

All sessions were translated simultaneously (selectable audio track) – including the Q&A. This also means that the recordings are in the process of being finalized for all of you with an estimated publish date around mid-January. One more thing to look forward to in 2021!

Richard Jefts (HCL)
Richard Jefts (HCL)

Breaks Also Turned Virtual

After each session, the virtual panagenda booth / café opened as a separate Zoom / breakout room where clients could interact and ask follow-up questions.

We were amazed by the positive feedback from the audience. Whenever language barriers appeared, we were all able to communicate with one another by demonstrating issues through screen sharing, making gestures with video calls or simply chatting using Google Translate so as to be able to discuss the content of the technical presentation.

Matryoshkas with sponsor flags
Thank you to all speaker

No Time to Take the Bear for a Walk

All in all, it was a great 6-day conference!

A special shout goes out to the RNUG team that consisted of 33 people of which 13 (!) were interpreters. The technical preparations were just plain awesome and highly professional and they even were prepared for bigger technical difficulties – which simply did not happen!

Hats off! This was one of the best virtual conferences I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking at! From start to finish, the whole event just worked. Big Kudos to the organizers, once again.

Christoph Adler, HCL Ambassador

From hearing of the latest updates of 2020 to discovering the future roadmap for the products we love. All the while learning from our favorite subject matter experts. Even with the difficulties of a global pandemic and different time zones, we were able to collaborate and share expertise.

Спасибо RNUG
Увидимся в следующий раз.

Slides to panagenda’s sessions