MarvelClient, the most comprehensive research solution
Our constantly growing infrastructure of up to 40,000 students and staff, consists of iNotes and IBM Notes clients. We have completed an intensive market research for innovative solutions to the resulting challenges and decided MarvelClient is the most comprehensive solution, solving all our requirements unanimously.

pangenda leads a paradigm shift
panagenda has no doubt fulfilled all of our demands. I would say that our expectations for future has definitely changed. With sensitivity and a conscious awareness of future demands of the modern IT environment, panagenda remains on the cutting edge and is leading a paradigm shift.

Targeted tuning of hardware and software
Saxion University wants all Notes client operating as efficiently as possible. As a result of the information now available to us, an intrinsic cause study can be executed identifying occurring problems. Through this, we can precisely tune our hardware and software. The central access to the user behavior of all clients, has reduced costs tremendously.

Server migrations without straining the helpdesk
A picture perfect server migration! Due to the modules MarvelClient Migrate, we were able to achieve extensive changes without straining the helpdesk’s resources. User feedback was received stating that access time was significantly reduced. It was only then that many realized their databases point to and replicate to other servers. Implementing panagenda’s solutions was so well thought through, that although it was available at all times, support from their consultants was completely unnecessary: For me, this is the ultimate in cooperation.

There was no second guessing whether or not to organize a reference call with panagenda. The quality of cooperation as well as the technical solutions, are very extensive. I can whole heartedly recommend panagenda as a partner for you.

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Godfried Kleinmeijer (Saxion University)

Mr. Godfried Kleinmeijer

Mr. Kleinmeijer works as IBM certified System-administrator for Saxion University in The Netherlands. With over 2.000 employees and up to 40.000 students Saxion University fully counts on IBM Notes Solutions.

Saxion University

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