Centralized Client Management
Our challenge lies in the diverse work methods, cultures and the knowhow of employees. We decided on panagenda because we required a centralized Notes Client Management tool to upgrade client versions, standardize desktops and enforce consistent configurations throughout a global geography.

Convincing ease of use and extensive options
MarvelClient‘s comprehensive configuration options allowed us to easily transition to Notes 8.5.2 with standardized configurations and managed desktops.

Automated migration to the Cloud
We used MarvelClient to automate migration to the Cloud with minimal disruption to our end users and limited IT staff involvement.

Reducing the efforts of the IT staff and end users
Centralized Client Management significantly reduced the burden on our administrators. Since discovering panagenda, our IT staff and end users experience fewer disruptions and difficulties with their Notes clients.

Given the expert solutions and excellent support that we received, we highly recommend panagenda.

Mr. Daniel Ramelet

Team Head eCollaboration at Sika Switzerland. Sika is a specialty chemical business with subsidiaries in 93 countries. Approximately 17,000 staff are employed at more than 160 production locations.

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