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MVP vs. MCM: Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting



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We have listened to your feedback on our previous webinar.  You asked to see a more technical battle and less friendly chat. You also want Jason to show you some of the native Microsoft tools for Microsoft Teams troubleshooting in head-to-head action.  You asked for it and we will deliver it! Please join us for a Microsoft Teams Performance Technical Throwdown, pitting Gary Steere, a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), against 5-time Microsoft MVP Jason Wynn.  Gary and Jason will battle it out over how best to troubleshoot performance issues with Microsoft Teams. This is a technical webinar best suited for IT operations and support groups responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the Microsoft Teams and Cloud Video Interop (CVI) ecosystem in their organization.

This throwdown will be a three-round battle.  Our collective goal is to provide you with pure technical gold in this session.  What kind of technical gold, you ask?  We don’t want to spoil all the fun, but how about this? “Proactive monitoring of real-time call quality on your Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.”

To help us achieve this lofty goal, we will be joined by panagenda’s own Ben Menesi as our moderator.  If there’s too much friendly chitchat, he’ll cut off someone’s microphone and keep us delivering valuable knowledge throughout the webinar.  Please register now for this battle royale.  And by the end we expect that you will agree, this is the best hour for you to invest in anything this year. 

Meet the Speakers
Jason Wynn – Microsoft MVP
Microsoft is hard-wired into Jason’s DNA. He is a Principal Technology Strategist at Content and Cloud in the United Kingdom. In addition, he is a Microsoft 365 Apps & Services MVP with two decades of experience with Microsoft Intelligent Communications including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. In addition to his day job, Jason also runs the Microsoft Cloud User Group in London and Birmingham, the annual Evolve Conference, a successful blog, and co-hosts the All About 365 Podcast. Lastly, he loves sharing his knowledge with those inside the industry and covering anyone who hasn’t seen the light.

Gary Steere – Microsoft Certified Master
Gary is technically distinguished, having earned a rare and demanding Microsoft certification. Out of the tens of millions of individuals who have earned Microsoft certifications, less than 500 hundred individuals worldwide have ever earned the title Exchange Ranger / Microsoft Certified Master or Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (all of which Gary holds). Besides, today Gary serves as panagenda’s Chief Product Officer on Microsoft Solutions. He ensures that panagenda is prepared to meet current and future customer needs.

In the spotlight:

  • See some of the native Microsoft tools for Microsoft Teams troubleshooting in head-to-head action
  • Learn about proactive monitoring for call quality issues with your Microsoft Teams Rooms devices
  • Fast troubleshooting methods for Microsoft Teams performance issues

Hosted by

Jason Wynn

Jason Wynn

Microsoft MVP and Principal Technology Strategist Content and Cloud