Enterprise Social Network HealthCheck

How healthy is your Enterprise Social Networking environment?

“panagenda ESN HealthCheck will help you evaluate, in a timely manner, how healthy and mature your ESN environment and overall change programs are in your journey to become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise.”


— Luis Suarez, HCL Ambassador

Understanding how mature your ESN platform is makes all the difference in sustaining effective change within your organization.

Influencing change in your organization’s culture is tough but understanding how healthy your ESN platform is will help you unleash its true potential. Transforming how you connect, collaborate and learn with your colleagues, customers and business partners has never been so critical.

There are multiple ways that you can approach transformation efforts in order to improve your digital adaptation capabilities. panagenda ESN HealthCheck helps you improve adoption, explore user activity details and participation rates, better understand community analytics, evaluate end-to-end availability, service quality and performance measurements, automatically detect anomalies and critical peaks, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of your different change initiatives.

With panagenda ESN HealthCheck (for Connections up to version 6.5) you’ll be able to immediately create a fully functional strategy framework that can help you execute efficiently on the change initiatives within your organization:

  • Identify business imperatives to match your ESN’s core value proposition: What’s its purpose?
  • Create a functional governance model to help employees get the most out of your ESN
  • Provide a library of use cases that can help model a new set of behaviours and mindsets
  • Create an online community building program along with a community of Change Agents
  • Implement an education & enablement program tailored for modelling new habits
  • Measure progress through data analytics to help you adapt better in your #SocBiz journey

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