HCL Notes Client Solutions

Achieve your goals with unprecedented efficiency!

Our MarvelClient modules for the HCL Notes client fulfill all requirements in Notes Client Management and can be combined freely. This allows you to complete your projects efficiently and optimize your value for money.

The HCL Notes client solutions at a glance

Eclipse configurations under control!

Comprehensive control also for HCL Notes standard clients
Eclipse offers you comprehensive features for Notes standard clients: setting and querying Eclipse settings, installing, configuring or uninstalling sidebar plugins, adding, changing or removing Sametime communities and much more.

MC Solution Eclipse Icon



All client settings in <4MB: Roaming and backups

more efficient than ever before

No matter when or where, your users get the optimal HCL Notes client configuration, quickly and easily. For Windows, Linux, Mac, Laptops, Desktops, Browser Plugin clients, SmartCloud, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and VDI.

Client Updates, Upgrades and Open-Client-Strategies (MS Outlook)

Perform upgrades, standardizations and client platform migrations faster and more reliably. Regardless of the initial situation or your ultimate goal, panagenda will transition you into the future faster!

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Real-time control:
Optimal connection and perfect protection

Stay connected to the fastest server when traveling and keep your users from unwanted actions: 100% protection, for example, unauthorized deletion of databases.

The fastest and most reliable way
in the Connections Cloud

Simple configuration and efficient management including cloud specific analysis data: your users can switch to the cloud without a single click and can keep your business processes undisturbed!

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Highly automated Notes client workspaces

Fully automated adding, removing, and cleaning of tiles, bookmarks and replicas for your users and databases. This allows you to save even more time and money on new users, departmental changes, permissions, and client management. Combined with panagenda SecurityInsider and ApplicationInsights, Automate brings you even faster to your destination.

Mail flow and storage management

Define limits for email sizes, number and volume of recipients and benefit from automatic zipping and unzipping. Reliably prevent the attachment of certain files depending on size, name, format, file pattern, MD5 hash or database.

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Looking for in-depth
information to your module of interest?

Download the comprehensive PDF and gain valuable
information which module would be best for you.


What are MarvelClient modules?

In order to provide you with exactly the range of functions you need, we offer different standalone Notes client solutions. That way you only pay for what you really need.

The MarvelClient product consists of Analyze, Manage and Migrate in the MarvelClient Basic version; the MarvelClient Standard bersion additionally includes the Eclipse module. Our other standalone modules are:

  • Roaming
  • Upgrade
  • Mail
  • Cloud Onboarding
  • Automate
  • Realtime

What exactly is the Cloud Readiness Check?

This allows you to easily evaluate whether your HCL Notes client environment is ready for your cloud onboarding. Get insight into the most successful configuration details to help you prepare your client landscape for an optimal cloud migration. Even during and after cloud onboarding, This solution offers a full perspective through an overview of the progress during your cloud migration and the preparation of numerous settings for optimal operation of your clients.

What distinguishes panagenda Cloud Onboarding from traditional solutions?

Cloud readiness assessment included?NoYes
Continued and comprehensive information about your HCL Notes clients – before, during and after the migrationNoYes
Number of emailsMin. 1None
Number of buttonsMin. 1None
Resilient to errorsNoYes
Also adapt configurations for delegatesNoYes
Centralized monitoring of Onboarding progressNoYes

No Emails, No Buttons = Zero-Click Cloud Onboarding

panagenda Cloud Onboarding works without the participation of your end-users. Once configured, your clients will be automatically and reliably transferred into the Cloud – without annoying emails or buttons! And automatic configuration for assistants and delegates makes it even better.

Total control through comprehensive analytics

Our Cloud Onboarding provides full transparency before, during and after the transition into the Cloud:

  • Highlighting of crucial configuration details
  • Feedback about the Onboarding progress
  • Visualization of numerous operationally relevant settings

What does the Upgrade solution do if my users don’t have the permission to perform installations?

The installation / uninstallation is always performed in the administrative context.

Can I use the Upgrade solution if I want to change the mail client to MS Outlook?

Yes. It supports open client strategies. E.g. HCL Client Application Access (ICAA) in combination with Microsoft Outlook, HCL Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO), as well as HCL Verse. The choice is yours!

I'm currently using HCL Roaming, why do I need the panagenda Roaming solution?

The following properties of HCL roaming lead to issues that can be fixed with with our solution:

  • As long as the user is using only one computer, HCL roaming exchanges very little data. When users switch to a new device though, large amounts of data have to be transferred over the network
  • Only a hard-coded set of data is routed, leaving various personal settings behind
  • HCL Roaming requires at least 20 MB of disk space per user
  • HCL Roaming is not compatible with HCL SmartCloud

The panagenda Roaming solution offers the following advantages:

  • 90% less roaming traffic
  • 90% less memory requirements
  • 90% less backup footprint

How can the Roaming solution help me with Notes installations on virtual clients (Citrix, WTS, VDI)?

It converts HCL Notes clients on Citrix, WTS and VDI into “local” installations. This provides you with the following advantages:

  • 95% less storage space on network drives and backups

Instead of storing 40-200 MB per user on the file infrastructure, our solution only needs between 150 KB and 4 MB per user

  • 95% less network traffic

Instead of constantly reading and writing on the file infrastructure, our solution reads only max. 4 MB during client startup (only for roaming) and writes an average of max. 4 MB during shutdown in order to back up the entire client configuration

  • 100% less open file handles

Zero instead of eight permanently open filehandles

  • 100% less file corruption

With a completely local client installation and the panagenda Roaming solution, your data remains tidy

Can I only perform upgrades with the Upgrade solution?

No. Theoretically you can us it to uninstall and install any software. This means that, in addition to upgrades (for instance, from 8.5 to 9), you can also perform updates (for instance, from 9.0.1 to 9.0.2), cross-grades (for instance, from single to multi-user clients), and even downgrades (for instance, from 9 to 8.5). Of course it’s also possible to install add-ons, fix packs, language packs, etc. You can also install third-party software (such as SSO solutions).

I have different client versions in my company, do I have to consider this when upgrading?

No. With our Upgrade solution, you only need to define how your client landscape should look at the end.

Can I change Eclipse settings with MarvelClient?

Yes. For instance, you can define that the starter is docked at client startup, the standard browser of the operating system replaces the integrated HCL Notes browser, or the feed reader is hidden in the sidebar – and of course much more!

Can I also install Eclipse Sidebar Plugins with MarvelClient?

Yes. Install, uninstall, and even configure.

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