How to run Skype without losing $34 Billion

The most annoying moment in every phone or VoIP call is, when you simply cannot understand what someone else tries to communicate.
It’s frustrating for all participants and causes confusions and misunderstandings.

US and UK companies alone lose $34 billion due to technical problems with Skype

Of course, the problem is somewhat larger than a mere frustration.

According to research results by Loopup© “Enterprise Conferencing: User Behavior & Impact Report“, the majority of conference calls are fraught with distractions and technology challenges that cost businesses over $34 billion a year.

How companies are affected by performance disruptions

John works in such an IT department. One of his main duties there is to ensure that the Office 365 environment is up and running, delivering peak performance 24/7/365. This also includes their Skype for Business installations.

His boss just told him that an important Skype conference is scheduled for later today. Members of the board will be agreeing the final terms of a multi-million-dollar deal between the New York office and a client in Hong Kong. Not surprisingly, everyone needs to know this call will go off without a hitch.

For organizations around the world, the ability to communicate via Skype is fundamental to their operations. This does not only include such critical board meetings where strategies at the highest level are discussed and decided. There are also teams that need to share information on a regular basis. Not to think of HR, which needs to conduct interviews.

Why PowerShell is not the answer you are looking for

Now, feeling the breath of his boss and the board on his back, John needs to find a reliable solution to ensure the performance and keep everything running smooth from a technical point of view.

He could run a simply availability check and hope for the best, but he knows better. The next higher level of running an assessment would be to use PowerShell Scripts. Still, this will not provide him with the necessary real-time information he needs now. It will only tell him that the servers are very well communicate with each other. Naturally, servers are not real people.

There is one even higher level of monitoring he can access to ensure quality of service and find out how the true end user experience is. It’s about the Client and Web API. This is the closest to a real Skype call he can get.

Easy access to data brings faster solutions

Thankfully, John has the OfficeExpert Ops Analytics module at his fingertips. With it, he has access to the latest in smart bot simulation technology that measures the true end-to-end user experience between New York and Hong Kong. Find out more details about how this works here.

He can report in real-time to his boss and the board exactly where potential problems may arise and take proactive steps to avoid them. In his case Skype for Business is running on-premise and he was able to discover a malfunction within one of their servers that host Skype calls. Before he sends out the report about the issue he already had the chance to allocate resources and therefore present the solution right away.

Using the smart bot technology found only in OfficeExpert’s Ops Analytics module, John proved once again the value IT as the foundation for productivity.

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