Automatic roll-outs of applications, depending on the rights of a user, reduce the expenses of your administrators enormously and allow you to act safely and quickly.

panagenda Security Services provide you with detailed security audits through comprehensive access rights analysis. Interactive views provide your security auditors with never before seen aspects allowing them to work even more efficiently. Seamless documentation keeps your data, users and groups under control.

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Access control and information management

Transparent access management for auditors and users

panagenda Security Services allow you to determine who has access to what and how the rights have changed historically. Our consultants’ expertise as well as our comprehensive software solutions, also make it possible to comprehend who actually accessed specific data (and in what way: read/write). Our well-founded information management also includes local and distributed databases.

Information flow and collaboration

Maximum security in all your collaborative processes

Our consultants and software products help you to better understand the flow of information in your company. Who works with whom? Who shares information with external recipients? What is the structure of email communication in terms of attachments, encryption, automations, etc.? Have these and other questions answered and raise the level of collaboration within your organization with our Security Services.


How safe is your company’s data?

panagenda assists you in establishing efficient processes, allowing you to easily document and clearly understand data flows in your company. In addition to the analysis and documentation of relevant content, we help you to quickly and easily adhere to audits as well as new laws and regulations. For a comprehensive overview, you can visit one of our on-demand GDPR webinars with panagenda CEO Florian Vogler or contact us directly.

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