OfficeExpert itself will be deployed using Terraform. This script will deploy everything needed to run Terraform.

  • A Resource Group (pana-oe-tf-rg)
  • Storage Account, used to store the Terraform state file in a Blob Storage Container
  • Vault to store all IDs and secrets for later use
  • A Service Principal (Azure AD App) Terraform runs with

This will run the Terraform project to deploy everything related to OfficeExpert. Depending on your configuration (, the appliance will be deployed either to an existing Azure virtual network or it will create a new one including a public IP.

  • Storage account to store the virtual machine template in a blob storage account
  • Virtual machine
  • Disk
  • Virtual network interface
  • Network interface (public IP only)
  • Network security group (public IP only)

The script will create a temporal Azure Security Group rule that allows SSH connection from the Azure Shell to your appliance!

This script carries out all the necessary steps mentioned under Starting the Virtual Appliance in the Setup Guide — please refer to this chapter for further information on how to configure the appliance manually.

  • Sets hostname and time zone (time zones)
  • Creates bot certificates based on the my-oe-secret input
  • Sets a new root password
  • Configures and starts OfficeExpert

example: ./ "{FQDN of OE}" "{TimeZone}" "{Bot certificate secret}" "{new root password}"

Execute ./ "" "Europe/Berlin" "my-oe-secret" "my-root-password"

This script creates and configures an Azure Bot application.

Execute ./ "my-oe-resource-group" "my-azure-location" ""

In case you did not change the resource group in the file and your company is located in Europe:

e.g: ./ "pana-oe-rg" "westeurope" ""