Windows Platform Requirements

  • Windows 10, version 1709, and later (needs to support msi)
  • Make sure Sideload apps are enabled in case you install the client manually with the offline version of the store app
  • The client needs to be able to communicate with either, or, and via TCP 443 (SSL), depending on which region you want to use
  • Outbound TCP 5671  needs to be opened from the client devices
  • Make sure that Background Apps are enabled on the Device

Antivirus related info

If your organization uses AV solutions, it may happen that you need to whitelist certain tasks (otherise the AV will complain about EPM).

PerfraxAgent.Exec.Net  and tracert.exe are currently the two processes which you should exclude then.

MacOS Platform Requirements

  • there are no requirements at the moment

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