Communication profiles are required for configuring email notifications and alerts.

You can configure as many communication profiles as needed.


Click on Settings > Profile and select the Communication Profiles tab: 

  • Name: enter a name for this profile
  • Mail Gateway: enter a SMTP Gateway for sending the mail
  • Port: specify the SMTP Port
  • Use Authentication: check this box if your SMTP Server requires authentication
  • Secure:  select if TLS is used. If unchecked StartTLS is used.
  • Ignore TLS:  select this checkbox  if you want to ignore TLS completely (even if server supports StartTLS)
  • Require TLS: select this if the profile should use StartTLS even if the server does not advertise it. If connection can not be encrpyted the mail message will not be sent!
  • Username: enter username if authentication is necessary
  • Password: enter password for authentication
  • Sender address: enter the address which is used for sending mail messages


  • Show Advanced:  this is optionally and can be used if one would add additional SMTP header information
  • Please do not forget to save the Communication Profile

 Important: In a final step, the communication profile needs to be depleyed by clicking on the  Deploy communication profiles button on the left hand side of the view.