You can customize your deployment by editing the file.

VariablesDefault valueDetails
prefixpanaoePrefix used for different resources
resource_group_namepana-oe-rgResource Group name

VM size

For larger environments we recommend using Standard_D8ds_v4 or similar

vm_namepanaoe-vmName used for the VM
data_disk100Size of the data disk (GB)
locationwesteuropeResource location
source_address_prefixes-External IPs allowed to access OE
source_address_prefixes_bots-Bots IPs allowed to access OE
rg-Resource group of an existing VNet
vnet-Name of an existing VNet
subnet-Subnet name of an existing VNet

IP of an existing VNet
Important: by default you need to set a STATIC IP. If a DHCP is used, you need to adjust the - line 18 from Static to Dynamic

You can customize everything related to the Azure Vault and Storage Account for Terraform in