EPM Portal - Data Dashboard Access

This enterprise application originates in panagenda's tenant and functions as a multi-tenant App Registration. Please note "panagenda Inc." as the verified publisher.
The information the app requires are the minimum to verify the user's identity in order to make sure only persons with whitelisted email addresses can log into the panagenda OfficeExpert EPM portal (SaaS).

The application must initially be accepted once by an administrator if consent is to be given on behalf of the entire organization!

For further details, please watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Once accepted by an administrator, the app is listed as Enterprise Application in the customer tenant

How to RESTRICT Access to the EPM Portal?

Switch the "User Assignment Required" flag to "Yes":

You can enter all users who should be able to access EPM via "Users and Groups".

There are two Roles


This role should be used by default for every regular EPM Admin. They can view everything inside of the EPM Portal


Please assign the Editor Role only to those EPM Admins who need to configure Alerting (Alert Rules). they can view everything inside of the EPM Portal

See this article by Microsoft for additional information on restricting access to Enterprise Applications.

How to Video: