OfficeExpert Simulation Bots can also be used for Modern Authentication.
For browser-based simulations (Outlook Web, Skype Web...), OfficeExpert creates its own encrypted tokencache.bin file.
For client-based simulations (Outlook Client, Skype Client), the token trust-store of the client itself (Windows Credentials Store) is used.

Note: For Outlook Client/Lync Client Configuraiton of Modern Authentication, please make sure you click on YES whenever you see this message.

The configuration itself differs slightly compared to all the other supported Authentication mechanism of OfficeExpert.


  • Modern Authentication has to be enabled for the end-user
  • If you want to perform Outlook Client and Skype for Business Client Simulations, open and authenticate with username/password once
    This is important so that both applications are configured with Modern Authentication
  • Skype for Business Client Sensor is NOT supported to run as a Windows Service
    It has to run as a console application! Skype Client UI is visible whenever this type of sensor is used with Modern Authentication


  • Open the configuration.json and scroll to the "authentication" section
  • Set the username within the section "modern"

  • Save/close
  • Start OfficeExpert.exe and wait ~1-3 minutes until the heartbeat has sent the first message to the appliance
  • Open OfficeExpert UI and access Bots configuration

  • Configure at least one Web Simulation (e.g. Outlook Web Sensor) and use Modern Authentication as Authentication Type
  • Afterwards click Deploy Bot Configuration
  • Stop OfficeExpert.exe on the Simulation PC
  • Start OfficeExpert.exe with the following parameter

OfficeExpert.exe /authenticate

  • A Modern Authentication form pops up

Username is pre-populated according to the the json config

Please enter the password once

  • When done, a tokencache.bin file is created and OfficeExpert starts up

  • Wait until the first measurement cycle is done to verify if all the configured sensors are running fine (yellow lines would indicate an issue)
  • Stop OfficeExpert
  • From now on, you can start OfficeExpert.exe as usual (as a Windows Service or Console Application)
Note: Skype for Business Client Sensor is NOT supported to run as a Windows Service