The following article explains how to trigger a notification if the configured Mail Flow simulation exceeds a certain time limit



  • Open Settings / Notifications
  • On the other Notifications Tab, click on Create New Notification and and select Mail Flow Notification
  • Configure all the necessary fields such as Name, Recipient, ...
  • Conditions

There are 6 Mail Flow Conditions available

For simplicity reasons we will choose "duration"


Enter the Value what you consider as a critical threshold (in milliseconds!

for instance:  20000 means 20 seconds!


  • Finish the Config and Save it
  • Hit Deploy Notification Configuration


From now on you get notified if a mail flow takes more than 20sec to finish successfully.


Note: This Action does NOT alert you if the mail flow runs into an error. For this you have to create another Notification by using the ERROR condition (same as with the Azure Sync Simulation)