General Notes


Appliance v1.0.0


Simulation Bots v1.0.0 r762


WindowsProxy v1.0.0






Based on

    • CentOS 7.3
    • Docker 17 CE
    • Docker Compose 1.11
    • Tomcat 8 Application Server
    • NodeJS 6 Application Server
    • Nginx 1.11 Reverse Proxy Server
    • Java 8 Virtual Machine
    • PostGreSQL 9.6 Relational Database Server
    • Kafka 1.0.0
    • Zookeeper 3.4.10




Simulation Bots


Added Skype for Business client simulation (Cloud and On Premises)

      1. Authentication
      2. Retrieve Buddylist
      3. Add Entry to Buddylist
      4. Delete Entry from Buddylist
      5. Create Skype conference
      6. Invite 1-n participants (other bots)
      7. Participants joining the conference
      8. Message send to all joined participants
      9. Message received by all joined participants


 Added Skype for Business web simulation (Cloud and On Premises)

Same as for Skype for Business client simulation


 Added Outlook client simulation (Cloud and On Premises)

      1. Authentication
      2. Create folder
      3. Delete folder
      4. Create message (incl. uploading attachment)
      5. Send message
      6. Delete message
      7. Calendar freetime lookup to 1-n accounts

Added Outlook web simulation (Cloud and On Premises)

Same as for Outlook client simulation



Added OneDrive for Business web simulation (Cloud)

      1. Authentication
      2. Create folder
      3. Delete folder
      4. Upload file
      5. Download file
      6. Delete file
NEWAdded support for basic authentication
NEWAdded support for ADFS (SSO) authentication
NEWAdded network simulation




Windows Proxy

NEWbased on a MSI installer which installs and configures a Windows service
NEWInstalls AzureAD PowerShell management module
NEWInstalls RSAT tools (if operating system = Windows server)
NEWInstalls ADModule PowerShell management module (if operating system = Windows client)