panagenda is proud to announce the release of a new version of OfficeExpert, the Quality of Service solution and Analytics for Office 365.
The new version is a maintenance/Improvement release and contains some new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

When upgrading, the existing appliance will upgrade in place and does not need to be redeployed.
To start the upgrade, simply download the installation package.
For detailed instructions, please reference at the following kbase article How to perfom an Upgrade

Available Installation Packages:

Appliance and Simulation Bots have been updated!

We strongly encourage you to install all updates as soon as they are available. Doing so will ensure you have the latest functionality and ensure the stability of your systems.


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v1.1.0
UpdateSimulation Bots v1.1.0 r838
No UpdateWindows Proxy v1.0.0
No UpdateOfficeExpert Power BI Template





New Features

  • Added new Authentication Types to Sensor Configuration Forms (see Simulation Bot Section for Details)

  • Added DataMiner Link to Azure Sync Page for further data drilldown
  • Improved internal Sensor Configuration Settings
  • Added new DataMiner Query: cqx_data.oe_service_status

  • Added new DataMiner Query : cqx_data.o365_activeusers
  • Updated DataMiner Version to 1.2.6
  • Added License check to support multiple Office 365 Tenant Names for End User Simulations
  • Reworked Azure Sync Page

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the percentile color grid indication for MessageSend and MessageDelete (Outlook Grid) was wrong
  • Fixed an issue with the Mailflow Line chart
  • Fixed an issue where the Simulation TimeSeries didn't show any Data gaps (for instance if a Bot was disabled for a week)
  • Fixed an issue where the Environment Overview Page didn't show any Figures
  • Fixed an typo on the Notification Form
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled notification didn't appear as disabled in the Notification List
  • Fixed an Issue in regards to the O365 Authentication Token expiration
  • Fixed an Issue for retrieving AD User/Group Objects
  • Fixed an Error for update notification whenever a new Version of OfficeExpert is available




Simulation Bots

New Features

  • Added new Authentication Type: Modern authentication
  • Added new Authentication Type: Certificate based authentication (Outlook Web OnPrem only!)




  • Reworked AppDomain handling for Skype for Business listener and Outlook client sensor
  • Reworked scheduler handling
  • Reworked Zookeeper handling (for managing the Simulation Bots)
  • Added multiple tenant handling for Simulation Bots
  • Make Zookeeper debug log optional
  • Make folder and file naming unique (for OneDrive and Outlook Sensors) to bot instance
  • Disabled SCP lookups
  • OfficeExpert.exe is now a signed executable


Skype for Business Web Sensor

  • Added fault recovery for Skype for Business listener task (used for Conference Simulation)
  • Reworked Skype for Business Conference handling

Skype for Business Client Sensor

  • Added modern authentication support (interactive mode)


OneDrive for Business Web Sensor

  • Changed "Empty recycle bin" implementation from CSOM to REST API


Outlook Web Sensor

  • Support of Certificate based authentication (CBA) for Outlook Web On Premises


Bug FixesOverall
  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations the configuration was not pushed to Simulation Bots
  • Fixed an Zookeeper authentication issue
  • Fixed an issue in the "kafka result header on error conditions" area
  • Fixed an issue with the key "overallStatus" for critical errors
  • Fixed race condition on shutdown
  • Fixed an issue that caused local (filesystem) configuration json to not being read until Kafka is properly configured
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes not all key/values are written if authentication failed
  • Fixed an issue where result entry got status 1
  • Remove the token cache when no tokens are available
  • Fixed an issue with the authentication tests


Skype for Business Client Sensor

  • Fixed a bug where contacts group deletion was counted also to the contactsAdd Simulation Step

Skype for Business Web Sensor

  • Fixed task cancellation handling


Windows Proxy

  - no Changes -

OfficeExpert Power BI Template

  - no Changes -