panagenda is proud to announce the release of a new version of OfficeExpert, the Quality of Service solution and Analytics for Office 365.

When upgrading, the existing appliance will upgrade in place and does not need to be redeployed.
To start the upgrade, simply download the installation package (downloads are available at the bottom of this page).
For detailed instructions, please reference at the following kbase article How to perfom an Upgrade

We strongly encourage you to install all updates as soon as they are available. Doing so will ensure you have the latest functionality and ensure the stability of your systems.
The new version includes many features, improvements and bug fixes.The most notable ones are listed below.

Important Information

The backend components of OfficeExpert has undergone several significant changes. Because of that, it requires that you have to reconfigure certain configuration items again!
So please make sure (in case you have configured them in the past) that you re-configure the following items:

  • Analytics Settings:  Settings - Analytics Settings (former:  General Settings Tab)
  • Mail Flow Simulation: Settings - Simulations - Mail Flow Simulations Tab
  • Azure AD Sync Simulation: Settings - Simulations - Azure Sync Simulations Tab

Furthermore please pull the latest DataMiner default query set in order to reflect the latest changes.
Login to DataMiner (DataMiner link within OfficeExpert), click in the right upper corner. and select "Click Load standard query set from panagenda",


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v1.5.0
Simulation Bots v1.1.0 r839
UpdateWindows Proxy v1.5.0
UpdateOfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
NEWOfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics


New Feature

Office 365 Daily Usage Data Collection

Starting with this version, all available Office 365 Graph API reports can now be retrieved and collected daily from the tenant. All the data can then further be consumed via the Analytics API to populate data into the OfficeExpert Power BI Template.

New Feature

SharePoint End-to-End User Simulation

SharePoint Simulations can now be configured via the central Appliance. A dedicated SharePoint Page has been added to the Main Menu.


Server Monitoring

The Hybrid Infrastructure Page has been redesigned in way where one can see all Windows Services and Performance Counters of a particular Server type at a glance.

Server Monitoring configuration pages therefore has been changed as well.

New Feature

Configure more than one Azure Sync Simulation

One can configure now more than just one Azure Sync Simulation. This provides the flexibility to target multiple Active Directories if necessary. The Azure Sync Page provides the possibilty to to see the result for each of the simulations.

New Feature

Configure more than one Mail Flow Simulation

Multiple Mail Flow Simulations can now be configured. Different Scenarios can now be covered in measuring and monitor the mail delivery time across different Mailsystems.
The historical pattern for each configured Mail Flow can been seen on the new modifies Mail Flow Page.

New Feature

Purge historical Data

Purging historical data (Usage / Simulation data) can now be scheduled via Data rentention and clean up options settings.


Menu Structure

The Menu strcuture has been redesigned to make configurations such as the Azure Sync Simulation easier to configure.


Bot Configuration

The configuration page of Simulation Bots has been redesigned. One can switch now between Sensors by Bots or Bots by Sensors. In addition to that, coloring has been added to identify easier which Sensor is assigned to which Bot.


Environment Overview

Subscriptions area within the Environment Overview got updated to reflect the absolut numbers for each individual subscription.


DataMiner (Analytics API) v1.2.9

A new version of DataMiner has been added to this OfficeExpert version.

Bug Fix

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where deleting a Simulation Bot did not remove the Bot ID from the assigned Sensors
  • Fixes an issue where the Exchange simulation gauge (Ops Dashboard) did not get updated automatically
  • Fixes some status color indication in certain Grids
  • Fixes an issue in the timeseries depiction of the Mail Flow where errors where not visualized at all
  • Fixes an issue where the deploy button on the Bot Configuration page disappeared if the resolution was too small
  • ...and many more

Simulation Bots

New Feature

SharePoint Sensor

A new Simulation Sensor has been added to OfficeExpert which allows an end user simulation against a certain SharePoint Site. The Sensor supports SharePointOnline as well SharePoint On Premises. One of the highlights of this sensor is the possibility to run a search against any ContentClass.

Windows Proxy


PostgreSQL connectivity

From now on the Windows Proxy does not require to communicate anylonger to Port 5432 of the appliance (postgresql). Zookeeper holds all task related data.

OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS

New Feature

SharePoint Page(s)

The Template contains now multiple Pages for the SharePoint Simulation.


Individual Usage Pages has been moved to a seperate Power BI Template - OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics


OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics

New Feature

Usage Analytics Template

All usage related information can be visualized via this Power BI template. One can consume the data either via this out of the box template or via the Analytics API to any BI tool.
More details can be found within the OfficeExpert kbase.


Available Update Installation Packages:

Power BI Templates Update

Download OfficeExpert Power BI templates