panagenda is proud to announce the release of a new version of OfficeExpert, the Quality of Service solution and Analytics for Office 365.
This is mainly an Improvement and Bugfix version.

When upgrading, the existing appliance will upgrade in place and does not need to be redeployed.
To start the upgrade, simply download the installation package (downloads are available at the bottom of this page).
For detailed instructions, please reference at the following kbase article How to perfom an Upgrade

We strongly encourage you to install all updates as soon as they are available. Doing so will ensure you have the latest functionality and ensure the stability of your systems.
The new version includes many features, improvements and bug fixes.The most notable ones are listed below.

IMPORTANT (update Info 11th March 2018):

We have noticed that in certain situations (especially when the hardware where OfficeExpert is running on is very powerful and fast) that a restart of the Appliance after upgrading is necessary. So we kindly ask you to restart your OfficeExpert appliance as soon as the upgrade is done.  Thank you


The Simulation Bot components of OfficeExpert has undergone several significant changes, therefore  .NET v4.7.2 (on the Simulation Bot Workstations)  is required from now !


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v1.6.0
Simulation Bots v1.2.0 r848
UpdateWindows Proxy v1.6.0
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics



Environment Overview Page

Active User information on this Page shows now the activity of all 6 applications at a glance for the last 7 and 30days. Furthermore the view has been optimized


System relevant event notifications

OfficeExpert notifies now the administrators whenever there are OE system relevant events such as "expiring license", "high disk usage", etc.

Toast notifications, System Status Tab and Mail notifications are the three types of alerting.


Primary and Secondary Mail Profile

The Alerting configuration page has now a third tab where one has to configure at least a primary mail profile which is used for all system relevant events.


Send test mail - Communication Profile

The Communication Profile form has now an "send test mail" button to make sure that the configured profile really works.


Hybrid Infrastructure Page

Further improvements have been done on this Page.

  • One can now save a custom column sets
  • Servers will be highlighted in different colors whenever a warning or failure threshold has been exceeded
  • All active servers are visible
  • ADFS Server type shows now when certificates are going to expire

Loading Indicators on Charts

The loading experience of simulations charts has been improved. Loading and render Indicators are now visible while OfficeExpert processes the request.


Licensing Page

License Page has been reworked to reflect all existing OfficeExpert modules and its expiration dates.


SharePoint Simulation Sensor Config

An additional field got added on the sharepoint sensor config form. From now on any library name (display name in the site) can be chosen for all sharepoint simulations


Performance and visual improvements

The performance has been improved in terms of rendering visuals and loading the data


Grid Framework got updated

ag-Grid (the used grid framework) has been upgraded from v17 to v20

Bug Fix

List of some Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the mail flow simulation has not shown sorted data
  • Fixed an issue where the real time grids cleared the filtersettings while auto-refreshing
  • Fixed an issue in switching between bot config pages
  • Fixed an issue in switching between alerting config pages
  • Fixed an issue in the OneDrive and SharePoint Simulation chart where error messages have not shown the error reason
  • Fixed a memory leak in the frontend of OfficeExpert
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP test settings returned successful in certain situations
  • ...

Simulation Bots


SharePoint Sensor

Any name of a sharepoint document library can now be configured.


ADAL verbose logging

added an ADAL verbose logging possibility for troubleshooting purpose

Windows Proxy


Updated several components

Available Update Installation Packages:

Appliance Update

Recommended! (OfficeExpert Appliance has online access to        

(OfficeExpert Appliance does not have access to

Windows Proxy Update

Download Windows Proxy v1.6.0

Simulation Bot

Download Simulation Bot v1.2 r848