panagenda is proud to announce the release of a new major version of OfficeExpert, the Analytics Solution for Office 365.
This new version is a release we are very excited about! It includes the new module Teams Analytics as well as additional improvements and bug fixes! The most notable ones are listed below.

Important Information

An in place upgrade (from v1.6.0 to v2.0.0) is not possible due to major changes on the virtual appliance level. To get v2.0 up and running you need to deploy the latest virtual appliance version. If you want to migrate historical data from the previous version (v1.6.0) , please contact our support.
Furthermore please be informed that the Teams Analytics modules uses the MS Graph API and triggers plenty of API calls to pull Teams activity data towards OfficeExpert.


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v2.0.0
no update
Simulation Bots v1.2.0 r848
UpdateWindows Proxy v2.0.0
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
NEWMS Teams App v1.0.0


New Module

Teams Analytics

A new module called Teams Analytics has been added to this release. This module needs to be licensed extra and extends the existing module of Ops Analytics (End User Expertience - Quality of Service and Monitoring).

Teams analytics provides an in-depth analysis of your MS Teams ecosystem and offers a broad set of actionable items (e.g.notification to Team owners). The menu offers a ton of information with further drill down capabilities.

Cluster of Teams

Unique view on an user or department level to see who is connected the most within the organization. It helps adoption specialists to identify knowledge workers and influencers.

Teams Overview

This page shows the magnitude of the analyzed MS Teams landscape. It provides a starting point in order to further drill down into other views and pages such as Data Leakage Potential or Storage Impact.

Teams Insights

Daily activity of a Team and its underlying channels. It provides different views on countries, locations and departments. With this information one can identify if certain channels are inactive or if certain members (or even departments, countries) do not show any sort of an engagement with the selected Team.

New Feature

Obfuscate User Names

The customer can now request a license file which obfuscates all user names. This is especially relevant for many organizations across Europe.
Instead of seeing the real user name, [  Anonymized User ] is visible. Aggregations on department/location/country level is still possible even if obfuscation is active.

New Feature

Self Service BI - Metabase

Metabase is an open source application which makes it easy to ask questions and learn from the collected data without the need of knowing SQL.
The Menu offers a direct link into Metabase. Whenever you see the icon "Explore" , you are only one click away from analyzing your collected data with Metabase. More information can be found here:  Official Metabase Website.
Login details for Metabase can be found here: OfficeExpert - Metabase Login credentials



Azure AD Application permission 

OfficeExpert uses from now on Azure AD application permissions to pull content form your Cloud tenant. The previous use of delegated permissions have been removed from the appliance. Only the simulation bots requires an Azure AD Application with delegated permissions. See Requirements guide for further details.


Menu Items adjusted

DataMiner Link has been moved from the top header menu down to the bottom of the left menu.

Node-RED Link has been removed completely. Only the Dashboard link still exists and has been  moved into the Settings drop down menu (Notification Information)

New Feature

The top menu offers now a search capability which one can use to search for specific content inside of OfficeExpert.

New Feature

Custom notifications

Custom notifications is the core functionality when it comes to actionable analytics. With it you can trigger notifications based on your individual needs.

If an admin would like to get notified if Teams exists without any owner or if an owner wants to get notified if no activity happens in a team or channel then these are two typical scenarios which one can cover.

The configuration is done via DataMiner and via a configuration Wizard.


Notification Engine

OfficeExpert still uses Node-RED as its underlying notification engine. However the Node-RED Docker container can not be accessed anymore by the customer. Customers can utilize their own workflow/notification infastructure (e.g MS Flow;  own Node-RED Infrastructure)  and to interconnect it with the existing OfficeExpert API.

MS Teams App


MS Teams App

OfficeExpert provides an app for MS Teams which communicates with the virtual appliance in order to bring OfficeExpert content directly to the End User.
The initial version of it offers a unique search capability for everyone in your organization.
In the future this application will get advanced analytical capabilities - so STAY TUNED!

Please read the following article how you can add the App to your Teams landscape: OfficeExpert for Teams App

Windows Proxy


Updated several components to interact with the virtual appliance

Available Download: