panagenda is proud to announce a new version of OfficeExpert, the Analytics Solution for Office 365.
This new version is a release we are very excited about! It includes plenty of improvements for Teams Analytics as well for Ops Analytics! The most notable ones are listed below.

Important Information

We would like to highlight one important thing which is relevant for all Teams Analytics customers. Microsoft has protected certain Graph APIs which are essential for OfficeExpert.

Please read the following page for further information: Protected Graph APIs


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v2.1.0
Simulation Bots v1.3.0 r923
UpdateWindows Proxy v2.1.0
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
no updateMS Teams App v1.0.0


New Feature

Mobility Dashboard

A new Dashboard got added to the Teams Analytics section where details about device usage for accessing MS Teams are visualized. Although several questions are already answered on that page (see titles), customers can ask your own questions against this data source with the power of Metabase.

New Feature

Azure Sync Simulations Dashboard

A new Dashboard called  Azure Sync Simulations got added to the Ops Analytics - Monitoring section. This information is an addon to the existing Azure Sync page which allows you to filter and play with all the collected data. This is for instance helpful in terms of SLA Reports.


Azure AD Application for the Appliance

Whenever you setup OE the very first time, it requires an Azure App to have in place.
There is now an automatic way to deploy the necessary Azure AD Application for the Appliance with few mouse clicks (you can still use the manual way if you like).
Instead of configuring it manually, the app as well all the necessary permissions get deployed into your Azure Tenant on the fly (including  grant consen).

Note: this is not valid for the other Azure App for Bots! (for this the manual task is still valid)


UI Menu look and feel

The menu got a bit optimized in terms of coloring/structure.


Teams List

Active Users columns have been added which provides an immediate view on user activity for each MS Team. There are four categories: 7days, 30days, 90day and Total.


Service Status Page

Those Service Status cards which indicate an issue (red) are now clickable with a redirect to the Admin Portal:


Obfuscate User Names

We have optimized the obfuscation, which was introduced with v2.0.

Instead of seeing the real user name, [  Anonymized User - ID: xxxx ] is visible whenever obfuscation is active.
Aggregations on department/location/country level is still possible even if obfuscation is active.


Dataminer update

DataMiner got updated to latest version 1.3.4 covering some important improvements and bugfixes. (e.g timezone support in columns)


Storage Impact Page

A search filter has been introduced where one can filter the entire page for certain Teams (Team name filter). Based on the search criteria the scatter plot and all the other cards will show relevant content which one can use for comparison.


IE 11 Support

The OfficeExpert UI supports now IE 11


Notificatoins Settings / Custom Notifications

The Wizard will notify you right from the beginning of no DataMiner query is available.

Simulation Bots


SharePoint and OneDrive Sensor

Fixes an issue with upload and download bandwidth calculation

ImprovementBot Licensing got updated - SharePoint Sensor Type

Windows Proxy


Updated several components to interact with the latest virtual appliance