panagenda is proud to announce a new version of OfficeExpert, the Analytics Solution for Office 365.
This new version is a release we are very excited about! It includes plenty of improvements for Teams Analytics as well for Ops Analytics! The most notable ones are listed below.

This version of OfficeExpert brings several improvements. Various changes in the data warehouse structure were necessary to make that possible.
Please be aware that data may look temporarily incorrect after you have upgraded OfficeExpert to its latest version 2.5.
It takes one nightly OE data import so that it will reflect all correct figures again.


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v2.5.0
no update
Simulation Bots v1.3.0 r923
UpdateWindows Proxy v2.5.0
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
UpdateMS Teams App v1.1.0


New Feature

Level of Engagement includes now Mailing data

One can see the mail and teams consumption at a glance no matter if you want to see it on the user, department, country or location level. This information pushes the Adoption process of an organization due to clear visibility about mailing vs. teams consumption ( internal mail consumption should go down vs. team usage should go up).

New Feature

Teams Insights - Mail /Map and Similarity details

3 new Tabs have been added to the Teams Insights page.

The Similarity tab provides you now with similarities across Team members. So for instance it will tell you if the member structure of the selected Team exists in other Teams.
Furthermore the Mail tab gives you an understanding of the mail volumen the team members are creating overall. So this piece of information is not truely connected to the selected teams.
Last but not least a World map got added (Map tab) where the owner can see the geo distribution of his members.

New Feature

Inbox Clutter

Mailing data got now added. It allows OfficeExpert to analyze and visualize them and to correlate it with MS Teams data. The Inbox Clutter page offeres two pages.

    • Email Volume by Internet Mail Domain
      Provides a unique view to(from) which external domain the communicaiton is happening

    • Mail interconnectivity
      Delivers an aggregated table where one can see the community between departments as well between departments and external domains


New Feature

Overall License Activity

This page provides immediate access in regards to application activity vs. assigned licenses. It provides a savings potential figures as well in order to trigger necessary follow up actions in regards to license assignments.

New Feature

Interconnectivity Page

(formerly known as: Cluster of Teams)

Two new perspectives have been added to the Interconnectivity page.  By Country and By Location. One can now see now at a glance who are the well connected countries or locations across the MS Teams universe. In addition to that, the drop down menu item "show only top.." has been expanded with other values as well.

New Feature

Azure deployment support

Starting with v2.5, OfficeExpert can be deployed into your own Azure tenant instead of deploying an on premises virtual appliance. More details can be found here: Azure Deployment


Level of Engagement

List can now be exported to XLS, CSV. In addition the columns can be customized and saved based on your needs.

New Feature

Bot Simulation - Percentile Alerting

From now on, one can trigger Bot alerting based on global percentiles. So for instance if the measurement is exceeding the current 95th percentile, the admin can get notified


Simulations Page

Bot timeseries will provide now an org-wide 95th percentile indication. This helps organizations to see at a glance if the individual sensor results (95th percentile of a sensor) is above/lower the company wide bot results.


panagenda Dataminer

Dataminer has been updated to its latest version 1.4.0. It now supports automatic query retrieval from the official panagenda dataminer repository


Added Redis Database

OfficeExpert uses now a Redis Database for high scalable caching of individual user data.

Bug Fixes

Several Bugfixes across OfficeExpert

MS Teams App

New Feature

My Teams Insights

A new tab has been added which provides an Owner of a Team a uniwue view on all the statistics and analytical capabilities of OfficeExpert right within the MS Teams Client.

Windows Proxy


Updated several components to interact with the latest version of the virtual appliance

OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics


Added new Teams Endpoints

The Usage Analytics PowerBI report reflects now new Teams endpoints. Customers can build individual BI reports based on these data.


Azure Users

Reflects new Azure Users properties in the PowerBI data retrieval link