panagenda is proud to announce the release of a new major version of OfficeExpert, the Analytics Solution for Office 365.
This new version is a release we are very excited about! It includes several new elements as part of Teams Analytics and it provides a new End User Experience sensor for Microsoft Teams! The most notable features and improvements are listed below.

Important Information

If you are upgrading from a previous OfficeExpert release, make sure that you update/deploy the following items manually:


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v3.0.0
Simulation Bots v3.0.2 r1228
UpdateWindows Proxy v3.0.0
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
NEWOfficeExpert Power BI Template - Licensing Chargeback Report
UpdateTeams App:  OfficeExpert ACE v1.1 (previous called: OfficeExpert Teams App)
NEWTeams App:  ACE Bot v1.0
Updatepanagenda Dataminer v1.4.2


New Feature

Skills & Expertise Search

We now introduce the ability for end-users to assign skills and expertise information to profiles within MS Teams. This information can then be used to enhance the search accuracy for experts, individuals or groups of people, in terms of their in-depth skills, know-how and expertise on a particular subject matter.
It is not only tagging, it's way more than that! You assign tags and the corresponding expertise level for each of these tags. Based on this information, one can find people with the right skills and expertise very easily, effectively and in a timely manner.
Last but not least, one can also endorse others, if they are OK with it, and one can add own tags to other people's profiles if appropriate. The tagged end-user gets a notification via the ACE Bot (see below) advising them of the new tag just added so that they can then either validate or reject it. Actionable items such as triggering a Teams group chat, or sending an e-mail,  whenever the right group of people have been identified, are just a few of the relevant examples of how you can find and interact with experts in a matter of minutes using MS Teams. Note: This Feature is part of the Teams Analytics module

New Feature

End User Experience - Teams Simulation

A new sensor type has been introduced within Ops Analytics which allows you to run an End User Experience simulation against MS Teams. The focus of this sensor is, to perform native Meeting Simulations where 1-n participant Bots can join. This sensor type does not require any Graph API permissions. The Grid as well the historical time series offer a broad range of different views and insights. Checkout the knowledge base article to get detailed information what Simulation steps this sensor performs.


Mailing data

Mailing data can now be consumed via any BI tool. API details can be found within panagenda DataMiner.


Azure Groups - member count

From now on, OfficeExpert keeps a historical information of the member count of any Group (Office365 , Security Group, Distribution  Group). This information can be consumed via the API
https://<your oe box>/dm/v1/api/query/byName/OE.Azure.Groups county monthly/json


Azure AD Attributes

From now on, OfficeExpert collects all Azure AD Attributes of a user.

New Feature

Overview KPIs

A new page got introduced for Ops Analytics. It provides weekly/monthly aggregated data of the availability of Office 365 workloads where simulations are active. It provides in depth details for Teams, SharePoint, Skype, Exchange and OneDrive.


Overall License Activity

This page got updated in terms of usability, look and feel.


Level of Engagement

Two areas have received an update

  • Custom Attributes:
    You will find now a new tab called Custom Attributes which allows you to filter based on the Company Name. This tab will be expanded in the future to allow customers to use any existing Azure AD Attribute for the depiction of the Level of Engagement.

  • Working Smarter addition:
    A new item was added to the Working Smarter score section. From now on you will find details around the ratio of private vs. Teams messages which you can further use to steer adoption in your organization


Inbox Clutter

The Inbox Clutter page got updated to better filter the output based on a cutoff mail size for each domain.
So if you want to see for instance only the top 5% mail domains from a mail volume point of view, you can simple pick  the cutoff top 5% and you will see only the relevant mail domains then.

Teams App:  OfficeExpert ACE v1.1


OfficeExpert ACE

We have renamed the app in order to reflect the purpose of this application better. ACE stands for "augmented client experience".
The aim of this application is, that every single user in an organization should benefit from the data OfficeExpert holds.
  • Teams Owners can benefit from a unique My Teams Insights view where they can see all relevant activity in all the teams where they are owner of.
  • End Users can use the new Skills & Expertise capability to search and look for the right people in an organization based on skills and expertise.
  • ...

Teams App:  ACE Bot v1.0



This additional Teams application is essential if end-users should get proactive notifications in MS Teams - notifications are sent via the Bot Framework.

The ACE Bot sends messages directly to users who were tagged with Skills & Expertise.

In the near future this Bot will send any type of proactive notifications to endusers.

OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics


Usage Analytics

The report OfficeExpert_v3.0.0_Usage Analytics Report.pbit has been adjusted in order to consume the content easier. We have separated the content so that it contains now dozens of pages.  It includes the mail traffic component now as well.

The pages around Licensing has been removed and transitioned to the new Licensing Chargeback Report (see below)

OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS


Quality of Services

Three pages have been added in order to cover the new Teams Simulations data.

OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Licensing Chargeback Report


Licensing Chargeback Report

This new report ( OfficeExpert_v3.0.0_License Report.pbit) helps organizations to optimize their MS 365 licensing across their entire landscape. It provides monthly aggregated data for every department, location, etc.


  • It detects duplicate subscriptions assigned to end users
  • it detects inactive users with an assigned subscription and the corresponding costs savings potential
  • Big picture about the inventory of all used and available subscriptions
  • What workload is being used by which users?
  • Chargeback reporting to individual departments
  • ...and more

Windows Proxy


Updated several components to interact with the latest version of the virtual appliance

Available Update Installation Packages:

Appliance inplace Update

Recommended! (OfficeExpert Appliance has online access to        

(OfficeExpert Appliance does not have access to