We announce a new improvement and bugfix release of OfficeExpert, the Analytics Solution for Office 365.
It includes several Improvements for License Management ! The most notable features and improvements are listed below.


General Notes

UpdateAppliance v3.2.1
Simulation Bots v3.0.21 r1352
UpdateWindows Proxy v3.2.1
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
no updateTeams App:  OfficeExpert ACE v1.2
no updateTeams App:  ACE Bot v1.1
no updatepanagenda Dataminer v1.4.4



License Management

We have improved and extended our analysis so that it provides detailed information which licenses will expire soon and which are considered as expired licenses already.
It provides uniques views in terms of License deficit (consumed > enabled ) vs. License surplus numbers (consumed < enabled)

Furthermore an additional timeseries got added which depicts how the active-, soon to expire- and expired numbers have evolved over time for a selected subscription


Azure AD Sync Simulation

We have slightly adjusted the process in a way that the email address is used to perform the search for the AD Object.(Note: In the previous version the UPN was taken for the lookup)

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in the Time related Overview - Chart (License Management - Overall Page)
Bug FixFixed a bug in the Overview of Subscription Distribution - Charts (License Management - Overall Page)
Bug FixNumber formatting is now consistent across all License Management KPIs
Bug FixFixed a bug where Ops Analytics customers got toast notifications to adjust the Microsoft License Costs page.
BugFixFixed an issue where extensionattribute1 was missing in the cqx_data.oe_azure_users view

Available Update Installation Packages

The update can be triggered via the UI of OfficeExpertSettings / System Information page).

If you want to perform the update manually, you can download them from the following location.

Appliance Inplace Update

Recommended! (OfficeExpert Appliance has online access to docker.panagenda.com)        

(OfficeExpert Appliance does not have access to docker.panagenda.com)