A new release of OfficeExpert has been released with new License Management capabilities.
It further includes some important improvements and fixes

The most notable items of this release are listed below.


If you are running only OfficeExpert Ops Analytics ,you can potentially skip this version

General Notes

UpdateAppliance v4.1.0
no updateSimulation Bots v3.0.32 r1352
UpdateWindows Proxy v4.1.0
no updateOfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
no update
OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
no updateTeams App:  OfficeExpert ACE v1.2
no updateTeams App:  ACE Bot v1.1
Updatepanagenda Dataminer v1.5.1


New Feature

License Management - Special Licenses

A new page has been added to provide insights between special subscriptions (licenses) and azure sign in data of individual users. This will help cutomers to identify the usage of special subscriptions at a glance. More details are shared in this kbase article.
Important: Only Interactive Azure Sign-in data are used here!

New Feature

License Management - Cost Savings Potential Page

Azure Sign-in data got added to the existing cost savings potential page. From now on you can add this information into the User Grid. The cost savings calculation now reflects not only the MS User Activity Details api but also the individual Azure sign-in actvitiy. This provides now a complete - accurate - realtime picture.


Extend Azure Sign-In activity categories

We have extended our internal Sign-In activity categories for Azure. Details can be found here


User obfuscation

User obfuscation has been added to all backend components

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Dozens of Bugs have been fixed with this OfficeExpert Release. Mainly in the Partitioning and Licensing area.


Deprecated - Overall License Activity page

This page got deprecated because all License related topics are part of the License Management Category