A brand-new version of OfficeExpert (v4.3.2) has been released with several new features and improvements.
The most notable items of this release are listed below.

Table of Contents

Important Information

Important information for customers who upgrade to this version:
Starting with this v4.3, logging in to OfficeExpert is only possible with Azure AD authentication. The local account config has been deprecated!

  • You need to adjust your existing Azure AD App in order to reflect and cover necessary changes→ Please follow the steps in the article: Adjust existing Azure AD Application
  • The user mapping for Admin and Viewer Role has been moved into the Azure AD App → For more information, click here: User Role Mapping

Important Information

Important information for all Teams Analytics and License Management customers who upgrade to this version:
Starting with this v4.3, OfficeExpert requires certain Azure resources in the customers tenant. These resources are fully managed and deployed by panagenda via Azure Lighthouse.
Please read the following kbase article to follow the necessary steps:  Setup - Azure Lighthouse

General Notes

UpdateAppliance v4.3.2
no updateSimulation Bots v3.0.35
UpdateWindows Proxy v4.3.2
no updateOfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
UpdateOfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
no updateTeams App:  OfficeExpert ACE v1.2
no updateTeams App:  ACE Bot v1.1
no updatepanagenda Dataminer v1.5.2


New Feature

Non-interactive user sign-ins

From now on, OfficeExpert retrieves ALL Azure sign-in events of your tenant , no matter if they were interactive or non-interactive sign-ins. This brings the great added value that from now on usage can be measured more accurately compared to the previous version where only interactive sign-in data has been considered in combinarion with other sources.

New Feature

Assign License Pools and Pricing Info per Partition

A new tab got added to the Microsoft License Cost configuration page where one can a assign number of licenses as well different SKU prices to individual OfficeExpert Partitions. So if you have, for example, a region where the default license price for a SKU is not valid because it has been negotiated otherwise, then that would be the location where you can define it PLUS assign the absolute amount of licenses that partition should have.

New Feature

Global Subscription Usage Report

A new section has been added to the License Mgmt. Overview page (Overall tab), which depicts a high-level view of how all partitions have consumed specific licenses (SKUs) during each month.  By exporting this grid as an Excel or CSV file, you can create your own pivot table to interact with the exported data.

Note! This report will at first use be empty and will be filled month over month

New Feature

Partition Subscription Usage Report

Another reporting feature has been added for partition owners on the Chargeback Account page. Chargeback accounting has been made easier with the addition of monthly figures such as licenses in use. With this report, partition owners now have a historical look into the number of used licenses per partition and license on a monthly basis. Note! This report will at first use be empty and will be filled month over month.

Both the global and the partition reports aim at providing you with the relevant figures needed for license management and purchasing.


Realtime Teams channel data

With the new architecture it is now possible to display data in real time as soon as teams channel messages , replies, reactions and mentions have been created in any MS Teams.
Your see this real time data on different Teams Analytics pages such as Teams List or Teams Activity.


New User Role mapping for OfficeExpert

Role mapping has been entirely moved to Azure AD. This means that you can fully control and map your administrator and viewer roles inside your Azure AD App used by OfficeExpert. For more information, visit our Knowledge Base article on User Role Mapping.

New Feature

Exclude a Group of Users for Usage Data Collection

From now on, for usage data collection purposes, OfficeExpert administrators can exclude specific users within the User Settings page. The list of users should not exceed more than 50 users.


API View Azure Users Subscriptions History

The view of the subscriptions history has been improved; now the full product name is shown instead of just the String_ID.
view name:  cqx_data.azure_users_subscriptions_history
https://{your OE fqdn}/dm/v1/api/query/byName/OE.Azure.Users Subscriptions History/json


API VIEW SKU Subscription List

A new view has been added which provides a complete list of all the available licenses.

view name:  cqx_data.sku_subscriptions_list


Metabase Upgrade

Metabase has been upgraded to the latest public available version.

OfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics


Adjusted Queries & More

Queries were adjusted so they reflect changes in the source tables like Outlook Activities, OneDrive, etc. In addition:

  • All Skype-relevant content was removed for being obsolete.
  • Groups have been removed as well to keep the load as low as possible.
  • Timeout settings were added for each query in PowerBI.
  • Materialized views have been introduced for better loading times/performance.

The template version is 4.2.