This is a bugfix version of OfficeExpert to cover the log4j vulnerability.

IMPORTANT  This version includes a critical bug fix to address the Log4Shell vulnerability. Updating is highly recommended! IMPORTANT

Table of Contents

Important Information

For customers who upgrade to this version:
Starting with this v4.3, logging in to OfficeExpert is only possible with Azure AD authentication. The local account config has been deprecated!

  • You need to adjust your existing Azure AD App to reflect and cover necessary changes → Follow the steps in the article: Adjust existing Azure AD Application
  • The user mapping for Admin and Viewer Role has been moved into the Azure AD App → For more information, click here: User Role Mapping

Important Information

For all Teams Analytics and License Management customers who upgrade to this version:
Starting with this v4.3, OfficeExpert requires certain Azure resources in the customers tenant. These resources are fully managed and deployed by panagenda via Azure Lighthouse.
Please read the following Knowledge Base article to follow the necessary steps:  Setup - Azure Lighthouse

General Notes

UpdateAppliance v4.3.3
no updateSimulation Bots v3.0.35
no updateWindows Proxy v4.3.2
no updateOfficeExpert Power BI Template - QoS
no updateOfficeExpert Power BI Template - Usage Analytics
no updateTeams App:  OfficeExpert ACE v1.2
no updateTeams App:  ACE Bot v1.1
no updatepanagenda Dataminer v1.5.2


Critical Fix


Log4Shell: all relevant components have been upgraded to appropriate versions that are not affected by this vulnerability.

Available Update Installation Packages

The update can be triggered via the UI of OfficeExpert (Settings > System Information page).

If you want to perform the update manually, you can download it from the following location:

Appliance in place update

Recommended! (OfficeExpert Appliance has online access to        

(OfficeExpert Appliance does not have access to