The Outlook Client Simulation automates user actions and measures the time needed by leveraging the Outlook Client API.


Simulation Steps

  • Authentication

Based on the configured authentication type (basic auth, modern auth, adfs, certificate based auth)


  • Create Folder

Creates a folder in the Inbox named 'panagenda_outlook_client_sensor'


  • Delete Folder

Deletes the folder which was created before


  • Create Message and attaches a file

Creates a message, subject 'panagenda_outlook_client_sensor', attaches a file with random content (size specified by config/filesize) names 'panagenda_outlook_sensor.txt'.


  • Send the Message

Sends a message to the the owner of the mailbox, subject 'panagenda_outlook_web_sensor'


  • Deletes the Message

Delete the message the was previously created in the inbox


  • Folder Sync

Send/Receive Mails. This is the equivalent of the UI button "Send/Recieve All Folders" so it heavily depends on how Outlook is configured


  • Calendar Freetime Lookup to 1-n users

Does a freetime lookup for all users specified in config/freetime_lookup



Simulation Results

  • Is authentication fine ? 
  • Are general things such as creating/deleting folder working ?
  • Does creating-, sending- , deleting of an e-mail work ?
  • Does file attaching work ?
  • Does the Calendar Freetime lookup against 1-n users work? --> against Cloud AND/OR on-prem accounts



  • Click on Settings - Configuration Settings
  • Open the Bots Tab
  • Click on Create New Sensor and select "Outlook Client"


This examples triggers a simulation every 15min against EXO where two calendar lookups are verified as well.
Configuration is assigned to multiple Simulation Bots


  • whenever you are done, click on Save


This new configuration should be now visbile underneath of the Botname (left hand side).

If this is not the case, please hit "Refresh Data" button.



In order to make this configuration now available for the deployed Bots, please hit "Deploy Bot Configuration"