Running the OfficeExpert Simulation as a Windows Service is in general Supported.

However there are two limitations:

  • Skype for Business Client Simulations are NOT supported!  (UI suppression mode is not possible by using a Windows Service)
  • Outlook Client Simulations can only run as a Windows Service as long as the User is logged in to the OS !



Please make sure that the OS Login account matches the user account in the Bot Configuration (authentication section)
Run the following command to register the Windows Service (including username and password that is used for OS authentication):
  • C:\ProgramData\panagenda\OfficeExpert>OfficeExpert.exe install -username "<username>" -password "<password>" --sudo


To start the bot application, select “OfficeExpert sensor service” in the Windows Service Manager and click on the play button:


To verify your user credentials, right click on the OfficeExpert sensor service in the Windows Service Manager, select Properties and open the Log On tab