The SharePoint Web Simulation automates user actions and measures the time needed by leveraging the web API.

Note: this sensor is part of OE V1.5.0.

Simulation Steps

  • Authentication

Based on the configured authentication type (basic, modern, ADFS, certificate-based).

  • Access Site

Measures the time until the entire html content of the SharePoint site is successfully loaded.

  • Create Folder

Creates a folder in the document library named 'panagenda_sharepoint_sensor'.

  • Upload File (file size can be adjusted in configuration)

Uploads a random file with random content named 'random.txt' with size specified by config/file size in the folder created before. If the file already exists, it will be deleted.
Measures time (in ms) and speed (kilobytes per second).

  • Download File

Downloads the file uploaded before.
Measures time (in ms) and speed (kilobytes per second).

  • Delete File

Deletes the file created before.

  • Delete Folder

Deletes the Folder created before.

  • Perform Content Class Search

Searches for a specific content class (for instance Document Library) and measures how long it takes to access the class. OE monitors the class and load performance.

Simulation Results

  • Is authentication working?
  • How long does it take to access and load the site?
  • Are general things such as creating/deleting folder working?
  • Do uploads work, do they fail, or are they too slow?
  • Do downloads work?
  • How much bandwidth is consumed during uploads and downloads?
  • Do content class searches work (e.g contentclass:STS_Site)?


The following fields are available for this type of sensor.

  • Sensor Title

Define any title you like.

  • Schedule Interval

Define any interval you like.

  • Attachment Size

Define the size of the attachment to be uploaded and downloaded to the specified document library.

  • SharePoint Site

Define the site you want to use for this simulation.

Note: Please enter only the site name how it appears in the URL while accessing the site (example:  https://server/sites/<sitename>).
  • Document Library

Define the name of the Document Library.

Note: the name has to match with the display name of the library inside of the site.
  • Query Content Class

Define your content class search query.

  • Authentication

Define your authentication type.

Assign it to your Simulation Bots.

  • On-Premises URL

Enter the FQDN of the On-Prem SharePoint Server (example: