Simulation Bots


These bots need to run on dedicated machines such as PCs, notebooks, or even virtual machines (as long as the virtual machine is located in the respective region) with the following requirements:

  • Windows 7 or 10
  • Hosts have to be member of your Active Directory domain (relevant in case of ADFS)
  • All required ports have to be opened (see Network and Firewall - Requirements)
  • Internet access is needed to access the cloud environment
  • Optional: access to an on-premises Exchange server
  • Please install:
    • Optional: for Outlook client simulation: MS Outlook 2016 or later
    • Optional: for or Skype client simulation : latest version of Skype for Business


For the configuration of OfficeExpert, the following accounts are required:

  • Dedicated Office365 user account (any kind of subscription)
    • with the necessary applications assigned (Teams, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Outlook, and OneDrive)
  • For Outlook client data analyses, please make sure that Outlook is configured with the same user account
    • it has to be the first profile!
    • please use the auto-discover setup instead of IMAP/POP3 configuration!
    • caching has to be disabled:
      Go to Account Settings > Data Files > Settings > Advanced and uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode
    • and make sure that 3rd-party add-ins are disabled.

  • For Skype for Business data analyses, make sure you are logged in with the same user account
    •  adjust the following settings:

  • For ADFS-enabled clients
    • make sure the client is member of the domain (joined)
    • make sure the OS account is ADFS enabled
    • verify the following on client level:
      • login to OS and open
      • enter user name
      • no password prompt should appear; you should be logged-in to the portal right away

  • For modern authentication
    • If you want to configure the simulation bot with modern authentication, please refer to the Knowledge Base article Modern Authentication.

  • For certificate-based authentication (only valid for Exchange simulations)

    • make sure the client is member of the domain (joined)
    • make sure the client/user certificate is deployed to the machine

Simulation Azure Sync

You need the following items for the configuration of an Azure Sync Simulation:

  • Active Directory account (normal user) with delegated control to create/modify a user object (see next bullet point)

  • An Active Directory account (normal user) which will be modified by the simulation (the mobile phone field will be updated with timestamp information)
  • An AD Account to access the Azure Active Directory Connect server

The user has to be able to start a remote PowerShell session on that synchronization server (optional: local admin account)

  • A user account to access and read Azure Active Directory (normal user)