Depending on the released version there are up to four components which need to be updated: The virtual appliance, Simulation Bots, Windows Proxy and the Power BI template.
This kbase article explains in which order each element has to be updated.

If a new version is available, you will get a pop-up notification within the panagenda OfficeExpert web interface. Please follow the link to the respective release notes page and download all required files! You can skip the respective "Upgrading..." section in this article, if the new OfficeExpert version does NOT include an upgrade for this component.

1 Shut down the Simulation Bots

Stop the process "OfficeExpert.exe" on every machine in your environment that is set up as Simulation Bot.

2 Shut down the Windows Proxy

Start the Windows Services panel ("services.msc")

Select the "panagenda OfficeExpert" service

Click on the Stop button in the toolbar

3 Upgrading the Appliance

Whenever a new version gets released, you will see a update notification appearing in the UI of OfficeExpert. On the Settings / Systeminfo page you will see in the top left corner an Apply Update button which you just need to push.
Important:  this can take up to 15 minutes depending how fast the download of the docker images are!

Previous/old - manual way of upgrading the appliance:

There are two kinds of appliance upgrade files available for each version:

    • the “” file (~ few kBs), if the OfficeExpert appliance has access to
    • OR the “" (~ 600 MB),  if the OfficeExpert appliance does NOT have access to


The offline package also includes files that may not be required in your OfficeExpert installation. Significantly less data will be transferred if the appliance has access to, since only the necessary files will be downloaded.

Install Upgrade Package

 Use ssh or putty to connect to the appliance and execute the following commands:

cd /tmp

curl -o



Logs are available in the log directory, e.g. /opt/panagenda/logs/oe-upgrade_<year>-<month>-<day>_<timestamp>.log

If you run an offline upgrade,please upload the OfficeExpert upgrade package ( to the appliance's /tmp/ directory (using WinSCP for example).

4 Upgrading the Windows Proxy

Download the following file from the release notes page and extract it:


Copy the unzipped OfficeExpert_WinProxy_#version#.msi to the Windows machine, (e.g. to C:\tmp\)

Start a PowerShell as administrator.

Execute the installer, e.g.: 


Log files can be found in the C:\ProgramData\panagenda\WindowsProxy\logs directory.

Please restart the OfficeExpert Windows Service from the Windows Services panel ("services.msc").

5 Upgrading the Simulation Bot

Download the file from the respective release notes and unzip it. You will need the following file

  • OfficeExpert.exe

Replace the "OfficeExpert.exe" in the C:\ProgramData\panagenda\OfficeExpert directory

Double click the "OfficeExpert.exe" to start it.


Simulation Bots are downwards compatible. So you could use an older Simulation Bot version with a newer Appliance version

6 Upgrading the Power BI Template

Download the (link is part of the Release Notes) and extract the content.

Open the new template.

Enter the OfficeExpert appliance URL and load all existing data into the new BI template.

7 Upgrading Azure AD App for Appliance (only for OE <

Update Azure AD App for Appliance (for OE >3.0.0)