Up to its version 4.2, user role mapping was done within OfficeExpert – you could assign the two existing roles (Admin and Viewer) to the users. See the screenshot below:

Starting with version 4.3, the previous configuration (above) has been deprecated and all user role mapping now takes place within the Azure AD Application.

Available Roles

There are three user roles. Users not assigned any of the following roles are not allowed to log in to OfficeExpert.
  • Admin Role 

>> Users and Groups are mapped via the Azure AD applications.

Description: Global administrator in OfficeExpert. Has permissions to view all data and configure or change any setting in OfficeExpert. This role type is the only one which can create, modify, and delete partitions. Global administrators also have the ability to perform all actions on all users in all partitions.

  • Viewer Role

>> Users and groups are mapped via Azure AD applications.

Description: Global viewer in OfficeExpert. Has reading permissions and can see everything but can not modify any settings (the Settings menu items are all hidden). In addition, if a user with the Viewer Role is assigned a management partition, they will have the same rights to perform actions on the users in that partition as a user with the Partition Role.

  • Partition Role

>> This role can only be assigned to users via the Partition Configuration Settings – the administrator creates the partitions and assigns the right people to the respective partition.

Description: Users with this role can see only the partitions to which they have been assigned. If the partition is a management partition, the user will also have the rights to perform management actions on the users in that partition.

How to Map Admins and Viewers?

  1. Open the enterprise application you use for OfficeExpert.
  2. On the left-hand side, click on Users and Groups (1) and then, on the right, click on Add user/group (2).

  3. Select the users and groups and choose the role you want to assign to them:

  4. Save and close.

From now on, these user accounts can log in to OfficeExpert via the Microsoft Login button.