OfficeExpert EPM is a SaaS Solution which includes an element of a MS AppStore Application which is installed on every single PC. This app delivers telemetry data from different areas in order to detect end user experience issues against the M365 Cloud, especially when it comes to MS Teams Call Quality analysis.

Thanks to the app, the entire User Journey can be analyzed, no matter if the user sits at the company's office or works from home.

OfficeExpert Endpoint Performance Monitoring provides a more proactive approach to managing your M365 user experience levels, covering the following use cases:

  • Headset and audio device performance
  • Computer speed and available memory
  • Home networking speed
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) routing and performance
  • Microsoft cloud service performance and response time

How Endpoint Monitoring Works

OfficeExpert EPM includes a lightweight software application (EPM client) that is securely deployed, in a few seconds, to the user endpoints in your organization. This agent runs in the user context, not needing admin rights, and collects data directly from the device, tracking application performance and network speeds, letting you view the user experience as if you were standing over their shoulder. These agents gather performance data continually and report back to a central (SaaS) application where the information is aggregated and indexed for analysis and reporting. 

Designed as an SaaS solution, OfficeExpert EPM can be deployed for your company within minutes and it fulfills the highest panagenda security standards!