IMPORTANT:  starting with OfficeExpert v4.3 this is NOT necessary anymore !

The following information is important if you use OfficeExpert Teams Analytics



To save time, just copy/paste the content from belows table into the request form. The only fields which are individual are marked in red (eg. adjust Publisher name, App name and App id(s))

Your email address..:

:>>>> Please add all email address who should receive a approval confirmatin notification <<<<

May we contact you....:

>>>>  No  <<<<

Publisher name:

>>>>  your company name <<<<

App name:

>>>>  the name of the Azure AD App which you've registered  for OfficeExpert <<<<

App id(s) to enable application permissions for:

>>>> the AppID of the Azure AD App for OfficeExpert (see above) <<<<

What does your app do? (2-3 sentences explaining to an admin who has never heard of your app what it is and why they want it)
Necessary in order to allow panagenda OfficeExpert Teams Analytics to analyze the MS Teams ecosystem. The data is being used to guide adaptation and managing the MS Teams landscape

Why does your app need read access to all messages in the tenant? (If you don't, you don't need protected APIs)
Necessary to perform Data Analysis across MS Teams

Data retention - select one of these options:
       This app will not make a copy of Microsoft Teams messages.
    It is obvious to any admin installing this app that it will make a copy of Microsoft Teams messages.
       This app will store a copy or summary of message metadata but will not make a copy of the message body, the subject lines, or any attachments. This is disclosed in the app's privacy policy.
       This app should not be allowed application permissions for reading messages.

What are the tenant ID's that this app needs to run in?

>>>>  Your Tenant ID <<<<

Does your organization own all the tenants the app will be run in?

Is this application a single tenant application or a multi-tenant application?
Single Tenant

Second page can be skipped because you own all the tenants

It can take up to one week until the API gets enabled.