If you are running a BES5 Infrastructure, then you can make use of the BES Dashboard. The Dashboard provides vital information concerning Server Health, User - Device Information.

Below you find a guideline how to setup the Dashboard



  • Open Menu - User Preferences and click on "Start BES dashboard"

  • Click on "Start Configuration" and add your BES server


  • Configure the correct Community String (snmp service settings on the BES server. Default is "public")



  • If you have multiple BES Servers with hundreds/thousands of users, we recommend to uncheck the "User with pending Messages" and "Basic Userlist"  (the performance of Greenlight can be impacted in case you leave them active)


  • After you clicked on Finish, the Dashboard gets built


  • You can customize thresholds and settings whenever you click on the "wrench tool" in each of the windows