If you are running an IBM Domino Server on an AIX Platform you could be affected by a domino statistic separator issue where for instance the comma and the thousand separators are using the same separator (e.g. a dot). The following article explains two possibilities how you can change this behavior so that greenlight is able to retrieve successfully the domino statistics.



 First possbility:

The first possibility is to adjust the separator format for each of the Domino Server which is configured within GreenLight. The following picture shows how you can set the separators individually. Even if you set this within GreenLight, it is not guaranteed that GL can solve the separator  issue.


Second Possibility  - Install AIX Localization package

AIX Localization package provides support for applications to run using the conventions of a specific language. These conventions include date and time formatting, numeric formatting  and character classification. In total seven images are available. Below you can find couple of download links. 






As soon you install the Localization Pack, the AIX separator issue should not appear anylonger.



Installing the Localization Pack for AIX solves the Domino Statistics separator issue.