The GreenLight Health Monitor Dashboard should support you in defining a quick and simple overview of your environment. The aim of this Knowledge Base article is, to show you different kinds of possibilities how you can configure this Dashboard for different target groups such as Help Desk, 2nd Level Support or even Management.

One of the main differences between the Health Grid and the Health Monitor is that you can indicate only up to three statistical values/information only.


This simple example demonstrates 3 different scenarios. One based on geographical locations whereas the others based on the Type of Servers.



To do this, open Live Monitor, then switch to the Health Monitor tab. By default you see all your monitored servers “uncategorized”.


Create a new View called "International"

On the left hand side you can “slide in” a Menu where you can create your own View. Just simply click on the + symbol.



Label it “International”. (In case you have already created a View, you could inherit this existing configuration too).



Create categories

Now let’s create for our example several categories. You can do that via the Slide-in Menu or via right mouse click / Add Category.


Give it a name and define up to three columns where you want to see statistical values. In that example I call it APAC and add only one column (Server availability) to it.


Create further categories (e.g. Europe, Africa,etc.)

You should have now the following picture:


Add Servers to categories

Just drag & drop individual server form the uncategorized node towards the new created categories. Whenever you have done this the dashboard should look like this.


You can now publish this “View” so that every user who has read access to GreenLight can use this View. This is done via the Slide-In Menu.


There are plenty of possibilities what categories you can use. Based on

  • geographical location
  • server types
  • Hub / Spokes
  • a.s.o


Server types:


Hub / Spokes:



Build your own Health Monitor Dashbaord based on your needs. It depicts your IBM Domino landscape in a consolidated fashion which is easy to understand (compared to the more detailed Health Grid Dashboard).