Below you find a useful set of GreenLight configuration items for monitoring and measuring IBM Traveler.  HTTP threads vs. the amount of total devices running on a Traveler server is an important topic, therefore it is one of the topics which needs to be monitored.


At the end of this example you have Traveler relevant information visible within the GreenLight Health Grid where in addition certain thresholds are configured.


Make sure that you have the following Sensors active with a short schedule interval (e.g. every 5 minutes)

-Domino Statistic Sensor (should collect all available statistics from the Traveler Server)

-Traveler User Activity Sensor


Now let’s create the following Health Grid:

-On the Health Grid, click on Configure columns and threshold:

-Select the following statistics from the two sensors above and drag&drop them to the column grid.
(see the following link for details how you can customize the health grid:


-Create some categories such as Traveler , GUD Select, DCA, a.s.o and cut/paste the columns into those categories

As soon you save it, the result should be something like this


By having such Health Grid, you can specify thresholds so that the traveler server reports a warning or even failure on the health grid level.

One of the easiest examples is for instance comparing the amount of devices Total vs. the amount of http threads. If you don't monitor these elements, your devices will face a bottleneck via synchronization with the Server.

IBM recommends that the right value of http threads is 1.2 times the total amount of devices running on IBM traveler. So if you have the default http threads active (400) then you should set a failure threshold on the column of 330.



You have adjusted the Health Grid of GreenLight to depict traveler related data. In addition to that certain thresholds are active so that the Dashboard reports Warning/Failure message.