To depict the amount of e-mails which have been delivered and/or transferred is one of the important visualizations. Find below two simple examples how you can draw them pretty nicely in a chart.




-Make sure that you have an Domino Statistic and/or Mail Statistic Sensor active in order to have data available in the GreenLight DWH.

-Create a line chart where you select the Mail.Transferred Statistic key and the corresponding server

-Define your Schedule and click on Generate Chart


This should be a outcome for 3 servers (in this example those 3 servers are located in three different timezones)


You can see that there is a shift of the lines because of the different timezones. (otherwise you would have overlapping lines)


Step - Style

Instead of using "Straight" as the line style, below example shows you  how this looks like if you choose the "Steps" style


With the power of visualization you can create your own specific and unique Charts