Process A: Normal Steps

Process B: Steps that can be done in parallel while process A waits for database dump

Preparation: Both appliances need to be upgraded to the same GreenLight version. Upgrading to the latest version is highly recommended, but identical versions on both sytems are mandatory. After upgrading, it is important to log in on appliances and wait a few minutes for potential maintenance configuration updates to take place.

Download Links: (latest version)

for 32bit


for 64bit



Identifying your Environment (32 bit / 64 bit)

When you are running the 32 bit appliance box the welcome screen will appear in text mode. If you are running a 64 bit appliance you see a graphical login (left picture).

Identifying via Putty:

Check the Ubuntu Version Level.

If you see v12.x then you are on 64 bit.

If you see v8.x then it is an 32 bit appliance



Migration Procedure


A01 - 32bit: stop tomcat

open terminal window:    sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat stop


A02 - 32bit: PgAdmin - add role remote_connect to user greenlight

on desktop:  right click – tools – database admin


A03 - 64bit: sudo su - postgres

A04 - 64bit: pg_dump --host <ip of the 32bit appliance> --username greenlight -Fp --schema-only greenlight > gl32bit_schema.dump

Note: The dump will be stored in /var/lib/postgresql on the 64 bit appliance

If you get a "connection refused" message then you need to adjust the "listenAddress line" withtin  the postgresql.conf files so that it listens to  (not


A05 - 64bit: pg_dump --host <ip of the 32bit appliance> --username greenlight -Fc --data-only greenlight > gl32bit_data.dump

Note: The dump will be stored in /var/lib/postgresql on the 64 bit appliance


B01 - 64bit: remove the following references from gl32bit_schema.dump with text editor (e.g. vim or leafpad)

  • sudo vim gl32bit_schema.dump
  • delete the lines from....

-- Name: furigana(text); Type: FUNCTION; Schema: public; Owner: postgres

Up to(including)

ALTER FUNCTION public.ts_ja_start(internal, integer) OWNER TO postgres;

--> so "web_query" is the first line


B02 - 64bit: stop tomcat

open terminal window:   sudo service tomcat stop

B03 - 64bit: PgAdmin - drop DB greenlight

open PgAdmin

drop greenlight DB

click on yes


B04 - 64bit: PgAdmin - recreate DB greenlight (owner greenlight)

B05 - 64bit: Import 32bit Schema Dump (if fails, back to B03)

psql greenlight -f gl32bit_schema.dump 

B06 - 32bit: copy notes related files

  • cd /lotus/notes/data
  • scp names.nsf panagenda@<ip address of the 64bit box>:.
    please make sure that you have the colon and the point at the end of the command!

enter: yes

enter the password: panagenda


    • scp panagenda@<ip address of the 64bit box>:.


B07 - 64bit: copy names.nsf to its final destination

cp names.nsf /lotus/notes/data

Note: will not be copied (it will be uploaded via the GL frontend!)

B08 - 64bit:  remove old Log files

sudo rm /opt/tomcat/logs/*



B09 - 64bit:  optimize postgresql and tomcat

make sure postgresql.conf and /etc/defaults/tomcat are optimized to RAM  --> link to tuning page


A06 - 64bit: restore data

pg_restore -d greenlight gl32bit_data.dump


A07 - 64bit: start tomcat

open terminal window:  sudo service tomcat start

A08 - 64bit: login to GreenLight Webinterface

  • upload license
  • upload id file
  • the following pop up messages will appear - please click on YES



A09 - 64bit: reboot appliance