The Viewer mode is pretty important if you want to leave the GreenLight Frontend (Browser window) up and running all the time on particular workstation.

Due to the fact that the frontend uses the flashplayer plugin, it is from time to time necessary to reload the UI (just in case you wanna leave the GreenLight Frontend up and running all the time)
--> otherwise the frontend could become unresponsive over time).


The Unattended Viewer Mode can be set active only for non-admin users.

On the User Preferences Tab you can activate this functionality (incl. after which time period  the reload should happen).



Whenever you re-login again with the same user you will notice that the Header of the frontend changes.
In the left top and right top corner you see two icons (greyed out) which will be full colored if you hover over with the mouse cursor.



If you click on the left top corner, you will be redirected to the “notification” whereas if you click on the right top corner you simply switch to the default full screen mode.


Use the Uattended Viewer Mode in case you want to have the GreenLight Frontend active all the time