To find out details about users' Lotus Notes and MarvelClient version and install type, install and data directory, runtime analysis, latency analysis and mail overview, go to the Lotus Notes view in the MarvelClient Analyze database.

  • by Notes & MC Rel - shows the MarvelClient and Lotus Notes version, Basic, Standard, Single, Multiuser and Components of Lotus Notes 
    NOTE: The client type is derived from notes.ini InstallMode=  If this entry is missing OR suggests that only a basic client is installed (InstallMode=0), but a client is started as standard (=Eclipse) client, it would result in above bottom most category (Warning: ...)
    Independent of notes.ini InstallMode, MarvelClient also checks for wether rcplauncher.exe exists in the [IBM Lotus Notes Program\framework\rcp] directory to determine wether a client is installed as a standard client.
  • by Directory - shows the location of all users' Lotus Notes program and data directories as well where notes.ini is stored/used from
    NOTE: Even if a client has more than one notes.ini, MarvelClient reliably reports only the one notes.ini file the client is working with.
  • Runtime Analysis - displays the duration in milliseconds Lotus Notes took to initialize, before login and after login 
  • Latency Analysis - measures latency to and from the users' home mail server in milliseconds.
    NOTE: Requires "Measure Latency to/from user's mailserver" action as well as the "Collect config.xml at shutdown (Performance Monitoring)" action to be enabled. 
  • Mail Overview - shows which users are working off a local mail replica vs. a server based mail replica
    NOTE: For the mail overview view to properly display mail configuration details, a permanent location management action is required that ensures (name)lookup of end user configuration details from the public name- and addressbook.