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  1. Open the My Widgets panel in your Notes client sidebar.
  2. Click the small "hamburger menu" at the top right of the My Widgets title bar.
  3. Choose the menu option Configure a Widget from – Features and Plugins on an Update Site.

  4. Enter the URL for the Update Site database from the earlier steps and click the "Load" button.
  5. Check the box next to the com.panagenda.tabclosetabzilla.feature entry and click the "Next" button.

  6. Keep clicking "Next" until you can't click it anymore. NOTE: this is important; if you click "Finish" right away, sometimes the widget won't install properly.
  7. Click OK when you see the install dialog, and restart the Notes client when prompted to do so.
  8. After the Notes client is restarted, go back to your My Widgets panel. There should now be an entry for the panagenda Tabzilla plugin.
  9. Right-click the new entry and choose "Publish to Catalog". NOTE: if you don't see any right-click options, try switching to the thumbnail view of My Widgets, not the list view.
  10. Fill out the fields on the new Notes Widget document and save it.