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List of the most important Roles in the MarvelClient Analyze Database

[Admin]Documents uploaded into the Analyze database (or rather into any Domino database when using a Backup Action with a Domino database as target) are populated with the following reader names:
  • (Notes) user name of the uploading end-user,
  • (Domino) server name on which the Analyze database resides,
  • Cluster members for that server (if so known to the uploading client),
  • and role [Admin].

Thus, end-users can see only see their own documents in the Analyze database; users and servers with role [Admin] can see all documents.
[AnonymousAccess]Users with this role will upload data into the Analyze database anonymously.
[CheckHomeServer]When having this role and opening user profile documents, the mailserver of the uploaded document will be checked for whether it has a newer version.
This is useful when opening documents on a hub server, for example, and wanting to immediately know, whether there is newer data on the user's mail server.
[LessViews]Users with this role will only see a very small subset of views in the Analyze database as to prevent view indices from being built in the first place.
[MCUpgradeOnly]Users with this role will only see a subset of views related to MarvelClient Upgrade.
This is especially useful when creating a dedicated mail-in database for MarvelClient Upgrade in addition to a normal MarvelClient Analyze database.

Disables translation of buttons - this is necessary for customers who are using ECL lockdown and for which - No Signature - does not have the right to read and write from/to the source window
(requires a MarvelClient Analyze release >= 20181212*)

[Rollback]Users with the role [Rollback] can start a Rollback Action from user profile documents in the Analyze database in order to restore a particular backup of the workspace and/or bookmarks.

This role triggers the display of a rollback picture image on the files tab.Subsequently, by clicking on the rollback image, it is then possible to select "desktop.xml"+"images.xml" for the recovery of a workspace and/or "bookmark.xml" for the recovery of bookmarks (via selection of a corresponding backup version in the subjacent table).

The corresponding destination user, for whom the recovery is requested, will need to have author rights (no other attributes, i.e. no “create documents” or “delete documents”) in the Configuration database as to be able to set his/her rollback job to completed after being executed.

[Security]Activates the menu option Advanced ID-File Export config. in the navigation bar. This is to decrypt the corresponding optionally collected ID file copies. Note that collecting ID Files requires a special license in the first place.
[ShowFolders]With this role the section Self-created Folders will be visible.